Brookland Press takes its inspiration from the industrial era printing press, and pays homage to the artisans and craftsmen of Brookland’s early days. Our signature monogram was inspired by the flow of ink on a printing press, and the motion and energy inherent in every act of creation. With an endless list of amenities and expansive opportunities to honor the textures and motion of your own life, we hope you’ll discover your kind of home here. Call us at 833.645.4300 for more details!

The Foundry

With a new 2-story addition, the original 3 & 4-story industrial warehouse was converted to a 157-unit residential building now called The Foundry. Inspired in part by the existing historic elements from the previous structure, the Foundry’s lofted ceilings, concrete columns and floors, and dramatic floor to ceiling windows create a vintage living experience rooted in texture and space unlike any found in the neighborhood.

The Forge

In juxtaposition to its sister building, The Forge is a brand new 6-story structure with 139 residences, featuring a wholly modern feel. With engineered wood floors and industrial fixtures and finishes, The Forge brings a modern sensibility to Brookland Press. The building's exterior skin speaks to the former industrial uses across the site by incorporating brick with accents of stone and metal panels, while offering a warmer palette of textures and colors throughout.

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Brookland at Its Best

Poised along the historical 12th Street NE, Brookland sits cozily in the Northeast quadrant of the metropolis of Washington, D.C. The town presents a small-town feel, but contains a thriving business community consisting of numerous independently owned restaurants, stores and speciality shops alike. Brookland holds the nickname of “Little Rome” due to the abundance of Catholic institutions spread throughout the community. With active redevelopment throughout Brookland drawing new residents and businesses of all sizes, the neighborhood is quietly trending as one of the exciting new places to live in the district.

A Rich History

There’s a small town feel to Brookland, even though it sits just minutes from downtown DC. In the early days of the neighborhood, it was considered the suburbs, with mom & pop storefronts mixed among single family homes. In the 1870’s, the Baltimore and Ohio railroad opened a branch line that connected Brookland to central DC, and to this day that old branch line lies adjacent to where Brookland Press currently stands. Call us at 833.645.4300 for more details!